I’ve always loved the idea of being transparent and inspired by companies like Buffer, Baremetrics (In fact Josh has highlighted transparency as one of his key growth tactics - see here) and the Build and Launch podcast I have decided to be more transparent with Lean Startup Digest.

To mark issue 10 I thought I would share some stats and thoughts on my progress.


Judging by the above stats the first couple of months have not been spectacular. I must admit having only 102 subscribers is a bit disappointing but there is a key reason for this.

I wanted to find my “voice” and newsletter format before doing any serious marketing aka. finding product/market fit.

I’ve experimented with formats, publication day/times and my writing style to get the publication right. The key is to concentrate on retention at a small scale before growth can happen.

Future plans

I think I have found my format and style now. My next focus will be on growing the list to around 500 people for another round of testing and experiments.

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