Leanconf...the other Lean Startup conference - Exclusive all video access


Some of you may, or may not know, I organise a Lean Startup conference…

It's actually the only one in Europe :)

The last Leanconf was held in November 2014 and we shared so many great stories and lessons. I'm giving you first access to all the talks (unless you attended, you already have them).

I thought I would share my recommendations to help guide you through.


If you only have time to watch 2 videos…

  • Call To Action - The truly brilliant Janice Fraser (@clevergirl) gives an engaging, inspiring and entertaining talk. Watch to the end for a very touching moment.

  • I Know This Great Little Place - This is for founders. Rossa tells a great story about starting the business. Very inspiring talk on how they proved various hypothesis in a series of simple MVPs. Testing the most basic of assumptions with a Facebook page, building an audience and learning quickly. True disruption of an existing market!


Also Recommended


For innovators in existing organisations:

Technology Is Not Enough - Barry discusses how organisations need to reduce learning anxiety and create cross-functional, customer-facing teams with more autonomy to innovative. Great real life example of how this was achieved by gov.uk.

Also see Strategic Innovation Management in Mature Enterprises & Applying Lean Startup Methods In Big Organisations - Does This Work?


For Marketplace startups:

Lean Marketplaces - If you are building a marketplace startup then this is a MUST watch. Dharmesh goes through the Lean Startup playbook for marketplaces. Very practical tips!


Metrics aficionados

One Metric To Rule Them All - Ash Maurya gives a sneak peek at some of the concepts in his next book. Looking at how throughput can affect your business model.



How can you design effective experiments? Grace has practical tips on designing experiments and the common pitfalls.

Also see - The "Redesign" Problem; Redesign Through Iterative Experiments


Award for best recovery

Special mention goes to Tristan who has a complete slide failure, but still gives a great talk


All the videos in order of appearance

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