As much as I respect Peter Thiel for his experience and achievements, I think he is in a different place to most of us. I also think he is wrong with his comments about Lean Startup.

I won't go into his criticisms here, I will leave it for the articles, but I wanted to highlight a point made in the first article I've linked to by Dan Kaplin (this seems to be the article that has re-ignited the debate).

“It’s a shame because if he actually took the time to think through the context, Thiel could add a lot to the conversation. And as someone who claims to be serious about the practice of philosophy, he should know better.”

I think context is key here. Peter Thiel is a billionaire investor looking to invest in the next Facebook. In his mind Lean Startup cannot be used to create a unicorn (bleurgh, I said it -- I'm now going to wash my mouth out) for him to invest in.

On the other hand, I am an entrepreneur who is looking for a system or framework to help me reduce my risk and increase my chances of success to create a sustainable business.

You can probably see why I like Lean Startup...

Good Reads


Curve Ball - Zero to One by Peter Thiel

As stated above. I've not read Zero to One. But I plan to.

Much like people criticising the Lean Startup without reading the book I think it would be hypocritical of me not to read this.

So I started reading it this week...

On a side note -- I've actually heard good things about Peter's book so I suspect it may well be worth a read.

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