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Been a busy few weeks hence the hit and miss publishing schedule. I have started planning Leanconf 2016. Looking like it will be in April 2016

Been cold emailing potential sponsors and sorting a venue. Fun times!

This weeks actionable tip: I want you to design and run an effective experiment.



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Actionable Tip of the week

Design and run an effective experiment. Go do it...

You've read about what the real purpose of an MVP is and 7 habits for running effective experiments. Now go and run one.

When designing an experiment it's important to capture it, writing the hypothesis, expected outcomes and success criteria. I like the Javelin experiment board for this, but you can use Ash Maurya's Experiment Report PDF from the 7 habits post above.

Download the Experiment Board PDF here

For more help using the Experiment Board:

Put a process in place and organise your experimentation.

What experiments are you running? let me know the results.

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