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I've kept the links light this week. I've packed the actionable tip section full of great stuff. Don't want to bombard you ;)

This weeks actionable tip: I want you to get some/more traction for what you are working on. 1%, 5%, 50% growth. I don't care, just try a few traction tactics out and see where you get to.

Ideally you should be spending 50% on product and 50% on traction.



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Actionable Tip of the week

Get more traction...

With the release of Traction (2nd edition) the authors have been busy getting...


traction...for the new book.

So to celebrate the new release my actionable tip of the week is to...

Organise your traction efforts by using the Bullseye Framework.

Think of Bullseye as Lean Marketing working in tandem with your product development efforts.

Extra bonus

for those wanting to get ahead with content marketing. Check out the Jumpstart Technique: "Our First Post Got 12k Views – This Is The Dead Simple Formula"

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